Here's how to play Bingo!

Learning to play Borgata Bingo is like learning how to have fun! And since you already know all about having fun, this is going to be easy. See below for everything you need to know to get started.

Our Bingo Rooms


75-ball is America’s favorite bingo game. A caller calls out numbers randomly between 1 and 75. If they appear on a player's card, the player covers them or 'daubs' them. The first player to complete a pre-determined pattern with covered numbers wins the game.

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90-ball bingo is popular in the United Kingdom and is quickly becoming a Borgata favorite as well. A caller calls out numbers randomly and if they appear on a player's ticket, the player covers them. The game plays for a 1 Line, 2 Line and Full House pattern.

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Chat Room Games

We have some amazing chat hosts, rooms and games. Our chat games are a fun way to get to know your chat hosts and fellow roomies, while having the opportunity to win bingo bonus.

All you have to do to get involved with these fabulous games is make sure that your account is funded and then join a bingo room and buy some bingo cards. The chat window will appear to the right, and if the room is hosted, there will be chat games. The host will explain the current chat game that is being played and any rules for the game.

Our chat games do have some rules which the host will explain before the game starts, and the Chat Host's decision is final when it comes to awarding bonus.

PreBuy Tickets

You can pre-buy tickets to upcoming bingo games. This gives you the chance to make sure that you can buy all of the tickets that you want and have your place in the game secured. All you need to do to purchase these tickets is to head to the lobby and enter the game you wish to pre-buy cards for. Once in the room you can select and purchase your tickets. You can go back and purchase more cards (up to the maximum amount of cards) any time before the game is due to play. Your cards will then be saved on your account ready for when the game begins.

Progressive Jackpots

Some of our 90-ball and 75-ball games feature progressive jackpots, which give you a shot at a big bingo prize every time you play!

90 ball progressive jackpot games

When you play one of our great 90-ball games without a guaranteed jackpot, part of the ticket price goes towards a progressive jackpot. That means that the prize gets bigger when more people play. So, every time you play one of these fantastic games, you’re playing for a jackpot that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

To win a 90-ball progressive jackpot you need to bingo a full house in 36 calls or less.

Remember that guaranteed 90-ball jackpot games do not have a progressive jackpot.

75 ball progressive jackpot games

Every time you play a pattern game in a 75-ball jackpot, a bit of your ticket money goes towards the progressive jackpot that you’re all playing for.

To win a 75-ball progressive jackpot you need to bingo on the pattern game in 44 calls or less.

75 ball 5 line progressive jackpot games

Our 5 line progressive jackpot game works like a regular 75-ball game. Every time you wager on a 5 line bingo game some of your cash goes towards the 5 line progressive jackpot!

To win a 5 line progressive jackpot you need to bingo in 48 calls or less.